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Cholangiocarcinoma Surgery In Mumbai

Dr. Soumil J Vyas Best Cholangiocarcinoma Surgery In Mumbai He later moved on to the Tata Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Institute, wherein he received comprehensive surgical training in all aspects of Surgical Oncology. He underwent a comprehensive training programme in Surgical Oncology rotating through all the subspecialties, all through all grades from junior registrar to senior registrar and surgical research fellow. Bile channel malignant growth medical procedure is normally the suggested type of therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. The objective of careful intercession is to totally eliminate the disease; in case this is preposterous, medical procedure may likewise be performed to assist with mitigating manifestations and address complexities, like a bile pipe blockage. In specific cases, a specialist might perform bile conduit malignant growth medical procedure to eliminate the liver and bile pipe, and afterward relocate a liver from a contributor. To assist with dealing with the manifestations of a nonremovable growth, a specialist can put a plastic or metal cylinder (stent) in the bile channel to assist with keeping it open, or play out a biliary detour system to make a pathway for bile to stream around a cancer that is obstructing the bile conduit.

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  • Dr. Soumil J. Vyas, is presently Consultant Surgeon within the division of Surgical Oncology / Cancer Surgery and Medicine / Gastro intestinal / Liver, Gall bladder and pancreas surgery (GI & Hepato Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery : HPB surgery) at our flagship hospital – Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Medical Research Centre.

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